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Brisbane office building provides a sustainable solution for a subtropical climate


This sophisticated 32-story Brisbane office building both pays tribute to the local history and provides a progressive solution for the city’s subtropical climate. Fashioned as a tower-on-podium, it is situated in an an historical business district and houses the heritage-listed Turbot Street Fruit Market shed within its street-level floors (being repurposed for food and beverage offerings).

这座精致的 32 层布里斯班办公楼既是对当地历史的致敬,也为该市的亚热带气候提供了渐进式的解决方案。它采用塔楼裙楼式设计,坐落在历史悠久的商业区,街道楼层内设有列入遗产名录的 Turbot Street 水果市场棚屋(改作食品和饮料供应)。

Taking cues from the early 20th-century site’s original roof form, the 5,500sqm area designated for retail and studio spaces protects the authentic edifice and mitigates wind and rain with a glazed canopy. The podium is publicly accessible from three different points and includes indoor landscaping to alleviate pedestrian traffic and create a friendly environment.

5,500 平方米的区域用于零售和工作室空间,借鉴 20 世纪早期场地的原始屋顶形式,保护了原有的建筑,并通过玻璃天篷减轻了风雨。裙楼可从三个不同位置向公众开放,包括室内景观,以缓解行人交通并营造友好的环境。

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The tower is conceived as a vertical community with two parallel volumes connected by atriums and outdoor terraces. The design embraces the climate by allowing cooling breezes inside with operable windows and natural air ventilation systems. So that employees are comfortable, a double-glazed treatment was integrated into its exterior to ward off the harsh sun. Tenants that inhabit floors with access to internal green spaces can also create an indoor-outdoor environment when weather allows.


Both the tower and podium have enhanced setbacks to increase the amount of natural light that penetrates the internal floor space and is aiming for a 6 Star Green Star rating. Located on the original site of the Turbot Street Fruit Market, the design celebrates its authentic Brisbane heritage. Conceived like a city, the building is made up of diverse settings, with breathable floors enhancing the sense of vertical community.

塔楼和裙楼都加强了后退,以增加穿透内部平面空间的自然光量,并力争获得 6 星绿星评级。该设计位于 Turbot Street 水果市场的原址,彰显了其正宗的布里斯班传统。该建筑像一座城市一样构思,由多样化的环境组成,透气的地板增强了垂直社区的感觉。

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Location:Brisbane, Australia


Size:61,000 sqm,656,598 sf

Collaborators:ASPECT Studios,M & G Real Estate,Suncorp Group

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