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The site is located on the hillside of a small mountain in Akiya, Yokosuka City. The site with the mountain in the back has an elongated shape, and the view overlooking the sea spreads out in front of you. When I visited the place for the first time with the client, the back view of the owner looking beyond the site was impressive. While cherishing the impression I felt at that time and the image of the world I saw, I thought about what kind of housing would take root in the land and connect with the surrounding environment.

该用地位于横须贺市秋谷市一座小山坡上。背山的场地呈细长的形状,俯瞰大海的景色在您面前展开。 当我第一次和客户一起参观这个地方时,业主从场地之外眺望的背影令人印象深刻。 在珍惜当时的印象和所看到的世界形象的同时,我思考着什么样的房屋会在土地上扎根,与周围的环境相连接。

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As we proceeded with the early studies, we suggested two directions. One is to be a house where you can feel the surrounding natural environment to the maximum. This is not only the view to the sea, but also the atmosphere and tranquility peculiar to the seaside town, the continuity between the inside and the outside and the creation of a place to stay, respecting the local vegetation, etc. It is about creating an environment where you can feel it. The other is to create as large and laid-back air-volume as possible. It is to create a state in which personality and lifestyle, such as the generosity and elegance of the owner, appear in the space. These two directions were gradually sought in one study, looking for the quality of the space in which these themes were mixed.

随着我们进行早期研究,我们提出了两个方向。 一是做一个能最大限度感受周围自然环境的房子。 这不仅是海景,还有海边小镇特有的氛围和宁静,内外的连续性和住宿的创造,尊重当地的植被等。它是关于创造 一个你能感觉到它的环境。 二是尽可能创造大而悠闲的风量。 它是要创造一种个性和生活方式,如主人的慷慨和优雅,在空间中出现的状态。 在一项研究中逐渐寻找这两个方向,寻找混合这些主题的空间的质量。

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CASA MOINHO | Atelier Data

In Portugal's rural Algarve region, architecture and design studio Atelier Data has transformed a former barn mill into a five-bedroom vacation home. Casa Cabrita Moleiro has been inspired by the local vernacular. Existing structures are reused, integrating them into the new design. A series of geometric volumes and carved voids provide private patios to the rooms, while windows, balconies and terraces strategically frame views of the surrounding arid landscape and the Atlantic Ocean.

在葡萄牙的阿尔加维农村地区,建筑和设计工作室 Atelier Data 将一个以前的谷仓磨坊改造成一个五居室的度假屋。 Casa Cabrita Moleiro 的灵感来自当地的方言。 现有结构被利用,将它们整合到新设计中。 一系列几何体量和雕刻的空隙为房间提供了私人露台,而窗户、阳台和露台则巧妙地勾勒出周围干旱景观和大西洋的景色。

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The landscaped double skin strategy and its effective biophilic and microclimatic effects show that there are still new ways to create tropical architecture in a dense urban environment like Singapore. This multi-generational home in Singapore is designed as a landscaped double-skinned house, with an outer envelope enclosing both a layer of greenery and an indoor courtyard garden. The double skin and its vegetation shield the house from the harsh western sun and blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors, creating a language for tropical architecture.

景观的双层表皮策略及其有效的亲生物和小气候效应表明,在新加坡这样密集的城市环境中,仍有新的方法可以创造热带建筑。 这座位于新加坡的多代住宅被设计成一座景观双层外墙的住宅,外层围护着一层绿色植物和一个室内庭院花园。 双层表皮及其植被保护房屋免受西方刺眼的阳光照射,模糊了室内和室外的界限,为热带建筑创造了一种语言。

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The landscaped double skin strategy and its effective biophilic and microclimatic effects show that there are still new ways to create tropical architecture in a dense urban environment like Singapore. The triple-volume indoor water garden – with a staircase weaving through foliage and a skybridge crossing the tree canopy – brings nature indoors and into the residents’ everyday life.

景观的双层表皮策略及其有效的亲生物和小气候效应表明,在新加坡这样密集的城市环境中,仍有新的方法可以创造热带建筑。 三层体量的室内水上花园——楼梯穿过树叶,天桥穿过树冠——将自然带入室内并融入居民的日常生活。

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Seroro 住宅 | Smaller Architects

The microhouse is called as “Seroro”, which means ‘vertically’ as the house is built vertically, rooms stacked vertically and its residents live in vertically. Seroro is located at the heart of Seoul where the price of land is excruciatingly high. However, as people thought that the land was too small to construct anything and the site had been abandoned for some time, the price of land for the site had become reasonable. So, a young couple, an architect husband and a wine educator wife, made a brave decision to build their first house. Other than too small of land, the site has many benefits, conveniently situated with several lines of public transportation, as well as faced with a park and a cultural heritage, the Fortress Wall of the old town of Seoul.

微型房屋被称为“Seroro”,意思是“垂直”,因为房屋是垂直建造的,房间垂直堆叠,居民垂直居住。 Seroro 位于首尔的中心地带,那里的地价高得离谱。然而,由于人们认为土地太小,无法建造任何东西,并且该地块已经废弃了一段时间,因此该地块的地价已经变得合理。因此,一对年轻夫妇,一位建筑师丈夫和一位葡萄酒教育家的妻子,勇敢地决定建造他们的第一所房子。除了土地太小之外,该地点还有很多好处,交通便利,有多条公共交通线路,以及面对一个公园和文化遗产,首尔老城的堡垒墙。

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The house is designed by stacking rooms vertically and planning a room each floor: a parking lot on the ground floor, a living room with a rest room on the 1st floor, a kitchen with dining area on the 2nd floor, a bed room with the second rest room on the 3rd floor, and a dressing room with a bath tub on the 4th floor. The size of each floor is 16 square meter. Each room has been placed considering the flow of daily life and lifestyle of the couple. They spend most of the daytime on the first and second floor, while the nighttime on third and fourth floor. The surroundings of the house has a significant impact on the shape and design of the building. Most of the windows of the building are faced in southward and westward directions, as for the natural lighting and the park view, respectively. On the other hand, the number of the eastward and northward windows is minimized for the purpose of privacy. The curved outline of the exterior of the building was naturally designed by the shape of the land.


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