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Located in the heart of the European Quarter in Brussels, Belgium, and surrounded by the main institutions of the European Union, Place Schuman constitutes the entrance to the EU. By transforming a busy roundabout into a democratic meeting place, all citizens and institutions of the European Union are unified under one mirroring roof. Place Schuman aims to transform the European Quarter from a place for cars into a generous public space for people. The project consists of a pavilion covered with an iconic roof structure reflecting the square and the people below, creating a meeting place for nationalities, cultures, languages and genders, drawing inspiration from the ancient Greek agora. The plaza is designed as a series of concentric circles, inspired by the European Parliament’s Hemicycle.

Schuman 广场位于比利时布鲁塞尔欧洲区的中心地带,周围环绕着欧盟主要机构,是欧盟的入口。通过将繁忙的环形交叉路口变成一个民主的聚会场所,欧盟的所有公民和机构都统一在一个镜像屋檐下。Schuman 广场旨在将欧洲区从汽车场所转变为供人们使用的宽敞公共空间。该项目由一个覆盖着标志性屋顶结构的展馆组成,反映了广场和下面的人们,创造了一个民族、文化、语言和性别的聚会场所,从古希腊集市中汲取灵感。广场被设计成一系列同心圆,灵感来自欧洲议会的半圆形。

Place Schuman transforms the former roundabout into an urban space and meeting place for the entire European Union. The new entrance will be a unifying element, creating a meeting place for nationalities, cultures, languages and genders. The neighbouring Cinquantenaire Park and the bridge over Chausée d’Etterbeek will connect with the Place Schuman via a large pedestrian area with a concentric, continuous pavement, underscoring the role of Place Schuman.

Schuman 广场将以前的环形交叉路口改造成城市空间和整个欧盟的聚会场所。新入口将成为一个统一的元素,为民族、文化、语言和性别创造一个聚会场所。邻近的 Cinquantenaire 公园和 Chausée d'Etterbeek 上的桥梁将通过一个大型步行区与 Schuman 广场相连,该步行区有一个同心、连续的人行道,突出了 Schuman 广场作用。

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