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The design for the Gilder Center reclaims the physical heart of the museum and completes connections between existing galleries that were originally envisioned in the museum’s campus master plan. Visitor circulation is enhanced to better accommodate the museum’s rising annual attendance, which over the past several decades has grown from approximately 3 to 5 million.

Gilder中心的设计重现博物馆的空间中心,并完成了博物馆园区总体规划中最初设想的现有画廊之间的连接。游客流通得到加强,以更好地适应博物馆不断增长的年度参观人数,在过去的几十年里,参观人数已从大约 3 百万增长到 500 万。

Informed by processes found in nature, the Central Exhibition Hall, which will serve as the Museum’s new Columbus Avenue entrance, will form a continuous, flowing spatial experience along an east-west axis. The design will encourage visitors to move beneath and across connective bridges and along sculpted walls with openings that reveal the Museum’s many programs.


Niche spaces tucked within this central space will house exhibition elements designed by Ralph Appelbaum Associates and exciting new learning spaces, while also revealing more of the Museum’s extensive scientific collections. The public will be able to engage with innovative tools used by scientists to gain a deeper understanding of our world and how science is conducted today.

隐藏在这个中央空间内的Niche空间将容纳由 Ralph Appelbaum Associates 设计的展览元素和令人兴奋的新学习空间,同时还展示了博物馆更多广泛的科学藏品。公众将能够使用科学家使用的创新工具,以更深入地了解我们的世界以及当今科学是如何进行的。

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Location:New York, NY

Status:Under Construction

Client:American Museum of Natural History

Type:Cultural, Educational

Size:230,000 sf new construction and renovation

Consultant Team:Arup, Atelier Ten, Boris Micka Associates, BuroHappold Engineering, Davis Brody Bond, Langan Engineering, Reed Hilderbrand, Renfro Design Group, Tamschick Media+Space, AECOM Tishman, Venable LLP, and Zubatkin Owner Representation.

Photography:Timothy Schenck.


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